When you have a chance to sit down with Marty Hart and the Hulk for a three minute interview, it’s difficult to decide what to cram into such a short amount time. But even well-planned questions won’t turn out as expected when talking to Woody Harrleson and Mark Ruffalo; these two are going to talk about whatever they want, including your eye color.

That’s what happened when I spoke with the two actors in a Manhattan hotel in advance of their new movie, Now You See Me 2. I managed to squeeze in a couple questions about Ruffalo’s character, Dylan Rhodes, an FBI agent who (SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen the first movie) is also secretly the leader of the magician gang, the Four Horsemen. Harrelson told me about his duel roles in the new movie, which finds him reprising his hypnotist Merritt McKinney and playing Merritt’s twin brother, Chase. “It was incredible to see him acting against himself in real time,” Ruffalo said of his co-star’s double roles.

Now You See Me 2 follows the Four Horsemen when their scheme to expose corporate bad guys goes awry when a new nemesis shows up, tech prodigy Walter Mabry, played by Daniel Radcliffe. Jesse Eisenberg returns as illusionist J. Daniel Atlas, Dave Franco as street magician Jack Wilder, and Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus Bradley, while Lizzy Caplan‘s Lula joins as the newest member of the group. Check out our interview with Harrelson and Ruffalo above.

Now You See Me 2 opens June 10.

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