Mitt Romney may have Clint Eastwood in his corner (and that's looking like a mixed blessing right now), but Obama has the Harold & Kumar vote locked in.

An amusing ad for the upcoming Democratic National Convention special, "Live From Charlotte," airing on Obama's official website this Thursday shows the Commander in Chief ringing up our favorite White Castle-craving potheads and asking for Kumar's (Kal Penn) help. Naturally, the duo is more or less unfazed by the call.

The match-up doesn't seem so odd once you remember Penn worked for the Obama administration as a member of his National Arts Policy Committee; he also acted as the Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, so he and Barack are pals from way back. That said, the ad is still a bit surreal.

Penn will be hosting the DNC special (probably not in his Kumar character), while celebs like Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Wilde and Aisha Tyler will be interviewed - which further proves that the Obama administration is going after that young male vote hard.

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