When you get a phone call asking if the President of the United States can come visit the set of the film you're shooting, there really is only one answer: uh, yeah. Such is the case with the currently filming '42,' which tells the story of Jackie Robinson's rookie season with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

The film, which is being directed by Brian Helgeland, is currently filming in Atlanta, Georgia, where President Barack Obama is attending a campaign fundraiser (hosted by filmmaker/actor Tyler Perry, no less). President Obama, who has expressed his admiration for Robinson in the past, received permission from Legendary Entertainment head Thomas Tull to stop by the set on Tuesday.

Jackie Robinson's life is the perfect subject matter for a movie. In 1947, he was the first black man to play professional baseball, shattering the color barrier in the sports world and lending inspiration to an entire generation. President Obama himself has cited Robinson as an influence, saying that he "laid the groundwork for a black president."

So, come Tuesday, Helgeland, his crew and stars Chadwick Boseman (who is playing Robinson) and Harrison Ford (as Dodgers GM Branch Rickey) will have to deal with a massive swarm of secret service agents. Then, the President will learn first hand that film sets are usually kind of boring.