We may have seen the last of Key & Peele’s famous anger translation sketch with Keegan-Michael Key’s Luther and Jordan Peele’s Obama, but don’t expect either to give up the ghost for good. Peele briefly brought Obama back for a Late Night With Seth Meyers appearance, albeit without needing the filter that Luther provides.

Appearing on Late Night to promote his directorial debut Get Out, Peele briefly regaled Meyers with the Obama impression that became one of Key & Peele’s most visible and recurring sketches. Keegan-Michael Key wasn’t around to provide Luther’s translation this time, but a drunk Obama watching Trump’s antics from his vacation getaway doesn’t need the same kind of filter.

Back in January, Peele and Key visited The Daily Show to debut what was hailed as the final anger translation, as written by the Comedy Central show’s former executive producer Jay Martell after Election Night. Meyers also praised the duo’s decision to end the show at five seasons, rather than risk losing their magic, though Key has expressed interest in a revival someday.

In any case, soak up the last of Peele’s Obama impression while you can, and stay tuned.

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