In lieu of attending SXSW to obligations on Aaron Sorkin's new HBO show 'The Newsroom,' Olivia Munn sent a letter for director Jay Chandrasekhar to read after the premiere of their new film 'The Babymakers.'

Huffington Post has the letter; in it, Munn jokes about how she can't be at the screening because she's tending to various humanitarian efforts (read: sitting at home, drinking a glass of wine and writing silly letters), and assures fans that those leaked sexy photos weren't her because "you can't even see my penis… and it's pretty big for an Asian."

So there you have it. Olivia Munn has a penis and she's better than all of us because she can write clever letters about saving orphans and beached seals. Also, she included this picture, poking fun at the leaked photos and accompanying sext-messages.