John Boyega is going to save us all from the kaiju yet again when Pacific Rim: Uprising un-cancels the Apocalypse next February. And what better way to get us all excited for the upcoming sequel than an extremely edgy and cool new poster, featuring our favorite new and improved monster-fighting robot?

The poster is mostly dark gray tones with spots of orange where Gipsy Avenger — the new name for Pacific Rim’s Gipsy Danger — has her windshield and reactor core. Front and center is Boyega’s Jake Pentecost (son of Stacker Pentecost) holding his Jaeger pilot helmet and looking mighty worried.


Gipsy Avenger will be the Mark VI iteration of the Mark III Gipsy Danger from the first movie, and will have a few more bells and whistles up her sleeve. But don’t worry: the chain sword and elbow rockets will be back. I do hope that the Mark VI Jaegers, though it’s been ten years and the technology will have drastically improved, still keep the two-pilot system. Having just one would kind of defeat the purpose of the rather beautiful concept of drift compatibility introduced in Pacific Rim. Maybe this new movie going to be about Boyega finding his drift partner, much like Charlie Hunnam’s Raleigh Becket — or maybe his partner is Scott Eastwood and we can all stop worrying.

Hopefully this means there are more posters like this of the other characters coming soon! Pacific Rim: Uprising’s trailer is expected to drop next month, probably during New York Comic Con, so stay tuned for that. Pacific Rim: Uprising hits theaters February 23, 2018.

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