In what amounts to the smallest film in Michael Bay's oversized career, we can't wait to see his 'Pain and Gain' for so many reasons. For one, there's Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson paired together, for another we're curious to see what Michael Bay will do with the source material (which, if you haven't read the article it's based on, you should). This new TV spot plays up the goofiness, which is interesting.

Because, if you read that article, the story has some black comedy to it but it's mostly a story of losers who murder people for their money. It looks like Bay's version takes a number of liberties with the material, as the section represented here of them screwing up trying to take someone hostage makes it look like a screwball comedy. But that could be fun.

More than anything, after pumping out three 'Transformers' movies in five years (and he's going back for more), we can't wait to see what pent up energy for R-rated mayhem (or "Bayhem" as it's nicknamed) Michael Bay has in store for us. The last time he really got to cut loose was 'Bad Boys II,' which was a ton of over the top, somewhat bloated fun. 'Pain and Gain' opens April 26.