We've been hearing buzz about some of Paramount's major plans for a while now, but the studio finally confirmed their 2016 release line-up recently at CineEurope (the European version of CinemaCon, a major theater convention), and included on the list are lots of sequels, like 'Beverly Hills Cop 4,' 'Transformers 5,' and -- wait, what's this? -- 'Paranormal Activity 5,' which has been bumped back once again.

Paramount's list (via THR) includes some titles we already knew about, like 'Star Trek 3,' which is being helmed by franchise writer Roberto Orci, and a remake of 'Ben Hur,' which is being directed by Timur Bekmambetov. The release year for 'Transformers 5' was previously rumored, but is now more official, and 'Beverly Hills Cop 4' -- featuring the return of Eddie Murphy in his iconic role -- is also officially being released in 2016.

While the list doesn't feature any firm dates, it's safe to assume we'll see 'Transformers 5' hit in the summer. But the biggest surprise from this announcement is that 'Paranormal Activity 5' has been pushed back ... again. Originally slated for a 2013 release and bumped back to 2014, the fifth entry in the highly successful horror franchise seems to be having some trouble. 'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' hit theaters back in January as a spinoff, but with this new release plan, we'll have gone three years without a new 'PA' film. That might be a smart move on Paramount's part, as the box office for the fourth installment and 'Marked Ones' seemed to indicate that the gimmick is starting to wear out its welcome, so maybe a cool-off period is just what the franchise needs.

Here's Paramount's full list of 2016 releases:

'Ben Hur'
'Paranormal Activity 5'
'Beverly Hills Cop 4'
'Transformers 5'
'G.I. Joe 3'
'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters 2'
'Star Trek 3'

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