To date 'Paranormal Activity 4' has made over $130 million in worldwide box-office. Not bad, but that doesn't mean everyone is a fan. Exhibit A: the French. 'Paranormal Activity 4' opened in French theaters two weeks ago and was met with some...unhappy audiences. Audiences that expressed their frustration by looting the candy counters, verbally assaulting the workers and, yes, using the movie theater as a bathroom.

French distributor Wild Bunch issued a statement saying that the upcoming French premiere of 'Sinister' would be pulled from over 40 theaters because of concerns over the behavior of 'Paranormal Activity 4' audiences. ('Sinister' is billed as being "from the producers of 'Paranormal Activity'...)

The company said on their Facebook page (translation via Twitch) that the screenings of 'Sinister' were cancelled because 'Paranormal Activity 4' screenings resulted in "looting candy counters, insulting cashiers, urinating on seats, etc." (If they listed "urinating on seats," we'd have to see what the "etc." is...)

They add:

Showing genre films in France is not easy, so we ask that our future spectators please be respectful of the rules of courtesy.

Showing horror films is difficult in France? That's a new piece of information.

'Sinister' still opened at some theaters in France and reportedly went off without nary a seat-pissing incident. As for what caused the near-riots at the 'Paranormal Activity 4' screening, it's not entirely clear but it certainly gives new meaning to a horror movie making someone pee their pants.

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