Even though his first English-language movie 'Stoker' won't hit theaters until March of next year, that hasn't stopped Park Chan-Wook from lining up more and projects. We reported that he was attached to '' a couple weeks ago, but now he's also lined up 'Corsica 72.'

The film would come from the script by James Bond scribes Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, and the film is - according to Variety - "based on a true story, the period pic follows two best friends who live on the small island of Corsica where they choose different paths in life -- one as an honest working man, the other as a gangster -- and feud over a woman who comes between them."

Of course many directors line up an abundance of projects, David Fincher and Steven Spielberg have attached themselves to numerous films that either never come to pass or take years to come into fruition, and Park Chan-wook has also mentioned that he might be making ',' so he is not for want of projects. But what this does suggest is that the Korean-born filmmaker has decided to stick around in America, and work here for the next couple years. As many foreign filmmakers often dip their toes in stateside productions and quickly retreat, it looks like he's found a home away from home in Hollywood.