When you direct films like 'Oldboy,' you get the world's attention - and in Park Chan-wook's case win best director at Cannes - and so your best known film is set to be remade (by Spike Lee), and you get imported to America to direct a film - in his case 'Stoker,' starring Nicole Kidman and Matthew Goode. Though it's unclear if he will continue to work stateside, Chan-wook says his next film is 'The Ax.'

This information comes from Korea Joongang Daily, where he also talks about the differences between working in America versus working Korea. He notes that actors primp more in one country over the other, where shooting schedules are tighter in America.

The story of 'The Ax' follows a chemist who loses his job and decides the best way to get it back (after years of unemployment) is murder. This sounds perfect for Chan-wook in any language. 'The Ax' is a remake of Costa-Gavras's French film 'Le couperet," which is an adaptation of the Donald E. Westlake novel 'The Ax' - so it all goes around. Westlake is also best known cinematically for his novel 'The Hunter' which was adapted by John Boorman with 'Point Blank' and by Mel Gibson and Brian Helgeland in 'Payback.'

Currently Park Chan-wook is wrapping up his American debut 'Stoker,' which may premiere at Cannes in a couple of weeks.