Perhaps no TV icon had been so influenced by Hillary Clinton as Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope, lending this week’s election an extra degree of sadness. Now, a writer from the series pens a letter to America in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, reminding women “You are going to run this country, and this world, very soon.”

Yahoo posted an extensive letter written in the voice of Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope, as penned by an unnamed member of the Parks and Recreation writing staff. In it, Leslie touches on the wisdom and comfort of friends like Ann, Tom and of course Ron Swanson, reminding us “We figure out how to fight back, and do good in this infuriating world that constantly wants to bend toward the bad.”

In particular, Leslie likens the election to a fourth-grade exercise in which her Pawnee class had to choose between electing a bookish, practical tortoise and a flashy jaguar full of promises, only to write in a farting T-Rex who plays the saxophone. To women, she writes:

You are going to run this country, and this world, very soon. So you will not listen to this man, or the 75-year-old, doughy-faced, gray-haired nightmare men like him, when they try to tell you where to stand or how to behave or what you can and cannot do with your own bodies, or what you should or should not think with your own minds. You will not be cowed or discouraged by his stream of retrogressive babble. You won’t have time to be cowed, because you will be too busy working and learning and communing with other girls and women like you, and when the time comes you will effortlessly flick away his miserable, petty misogynistic worldview like a fly on your picnic potato salad.

Parks and Recreation has repeatedly served as a touchstone in this election, whether debates that eerily resemble our own, Ron Swanson’s vote or creator Mike Schur speaking out on Twitter. Still, as we learned from the series, no setback keeps Leslie Knope down for long.

Read the full letter at the link above.

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