As the first trailer for 'Passion' reminds us, nobody makes an erotic thriller quite like Brian De Palma, and he appears to have cooked up a doozy.

'Passion,' currently scheduled to bow on VOD on Aug. 1 before heading to theaters on Aug. 30, stars Rachel McAdams as a Berlin-based ad exec whose thirst for games -- both boardroom and bedroom, natch. This puts her at odds with her assistant (Noomi Rapace), who doesn't take kindly to losing credit for her work, or tussling for the affections of the man caught in a sexual tug-of-war between them.

McAdams is well versed in playing this type of character (remember how great she was in 'Mean Girls'?), but as the trailer makes clear, 'Passion' is more than just a new spin on 'The Devil Wears Prada'; things quickly get quite a bit nastier than that, as they tend to do in De Palma thrillers. In fact, if you're the type of film fan who resents overly revealing trailers, you may want to shut this off after the first 15-20 seconds. Don't say we didn't warn you!

'Passion,' a remake of the 2010 French film 'Love Crime,' has been making the festival rounds since Sep. 2012, when it played Venice; critics have been mostly unkind thus far, but its solid cast and surplus of sexy plot twists could make it a perfect late-night impulse rental.