Brian De Palma's latest film, 'Passion,' features Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace involved in a dangerous and sexy (so sexy) power struggle with masks. Lots of masks. And now you can watch the two lovely ladies in action in this new trailer.

Brian De Palma's output in recent years has been... less than stellar, to be kind. 'Black Dahlia,' and more recently, the problematic 'Twixt,' haven't quite inspired hope that the director still has what it takes. We're not sure 'Passion' is going to really redeem him, either, judging by this new trailer.

Rachel McAdams stars as a manipulative executive with a proclivity for the kinkier things in life. She takes a new hire (Noomi Rapace) under her wing and starts playing some creepy head games with her, involving sex and masks and breathy, enigmatic one-liners.

It sounds like it has potential to be a sexy, psychological thriller, but this trailer reminds us of late night premium cable softcore porn. But hey, if you're really into that, this movie could totally be for you. We're not judging.

Watch the new trailer below for 'Passion,' which premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival, followed by a tour in Venice. The film hasn't landed distribution yet, so there's no word on when we might see this stateside.