Everything that Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins does breaks records. She’s set new standards for highest global take from a live-action movie directed by a woman (Frozen holds the all-time animated record), the biggest superhero movie ever directed by a woman, and now she’s getting ready to set one more record, and it may be the sweetest of all.

Patty Jenkins has been negotiating her Wonder Woman 2 contract with Warner Bros. for the past couple weeks, and Deadline reports that they’re in the final stages of hashing out just how fat the check they cut for Jenkins will have to be. The Deadline item states that the reason this process has taken so long has been Jenkins’ absolute insistence that she’s given a substantial bump in pay from her Wonder Woman deal. If that sounds greedy, know that that’s standard operating procedure for directors working across multiple installments of franchises, and that her only request is to receive the same raise as a male counterpart would.

When the deal’s fully publicized in the days to come, it’ll almost surely make her the most handsomely-paid woman in Hollywood, and it’ll mark a heartening milestone in the forge towards gender parity in showbiz. If you‘re gonna heinously overpay someone to shepherd a superhero franchise through production, Warner Bros., the least you could do is heinously overpay them equally.

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