What is the target audience for a ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’ movie? Other, actual mall cops? Whatever it is, enough of them went to see the first movie, so now Kevin James’ hapless mall security guard is back for another go-round in the creatively titled ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.’ This time, he’s off to Vegas, where he’s attending some sort of mall-cop convention, and finds his unique set of (mall cop) skills come in handy to stop an art heist. Also, KISS (as in the band KISS) makes an appearance.

The first trailer promises more of the same from the first film: Kevin James delivers his usual brand of clumsy, well-meaning buffoonery that’s appropriate for all ages, but probably best-suited for your less cinematically-inclined parents and grandparents—you know, when they call you up over the holidays and the talk inevitably turns to movies, and they say, “Oh, you know what looks great, that ‘Paul Blart’ security mall guy. What a hoot!”

In case you were left wondering what happened to Paul Blart after the harrowing events of the first film, he goes off to Vegas with his daughter for a security guard expo, where he’s teased by the more formal guards of the casinos—but later, they are forced to defer to his expertise (man, this really is a comedy) when faced with art thieves. Really, it’s a tasteful homage to the ‘Ocean’s’ trilogy. You’ll see.

‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2’ hits theaters next April.

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