When you deliver an unexpected smash hit comedy like 'Bridesmaids,' you're going to be hot, so it will be interesting to see what Paul Feig does next. It looks like he's got his eyes on 'Wish List,' a Disney film that currently has Reese Witherspoon attached to star.

The premise sounds dreadful, according to The Hollywood Reporter. A busy career woman has her life turned upside down when all her childhood wishes come true. This sounds like Disney movie, albeit one from the mid-90's, though it also comes across as similar to the more recent Eddie Murphy films like 'Imagine That.' The script has been around for over a decade, and was originally conceived of as a vehicle for a male star. It's hard to say why it's hot now.

Though Witherspoon is inarguably talented, it feels like we're past her sell-by date for these sorts of quirky comedies. 'This Means War' wasn't her fault, but she has worn out her welcome in bad rom-coms. This makes no mention of male suitors, but the formula suggests as much. At least there's no kids involved.

That said, Feig is supremely talented, as anyone who's watched 'Freaks and Geeks' knows. He knows how to work with actors and has a good nose for material. Perhaps he will be brought on to finesse the material into something watchable.