With Phantom Thread as one of the best films 2017 had to offer, everyone is clamoring to know what Paul Thomas Anderson has next on his plate. That rumored Tiffany Haddish project? A movie co-written by his daughter? It sounds like, for his next trick, he’ll be dipping a toe into a monster 600-page script that he himself wrote.

Anderson spilled the news on a recent episode of The Ringer’s Bill Simmons podcast (h/t The Playlist), where he talked about the lengthy script he had and said he wanted to see if there were any good feature-length ideas in there.

What I will probably try to do next, foolishly, is go back to that 600-page thing that I have and try to see if there’s anything to carve out of it.

But how does one go about making a regular-sized movie out of an oversized script? Anderson said he would rather skim the surface of it, rather than try to dive in and edit the whole thing down to a more reasonable length.

I will probably try to daydream about what I know is in there and wonder how much I can get away with not looking at it and just write from what I know that’s in there that is good. Because when you go back into those 600 pages, it’s a briar patch isn’t it? Right? You start to see something, ‘well this is not a bad idea and maybe I should follow that thread?’ And the next thing you know, two hours later you really pissed the day away, right?

In the meantime, we have a PTA-directed Adam Sandler Netflix special to look forward to.

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