Though his Phantom Thread is still making waves through awards season, Paul Thomas Anderson is already thinking about his next projects. There’s that possible/probable movie with Tiffany Haddish in the works, and the director also revealed that he’s been writing a script for a new project with his daughter Lucy. Who is eight years old.

Anderson spoke to the Los Angeles Times about what the future has in store for him, and said that he’d been brainstorming a more family-friendly project with his daughter.

Well, I’m working right now on a story with my daughter Lucy. She’s 8. She has taken it upon herself, realizing that if I wasn’t going to do it, she would do it with me. We’re trying to hash out something right now. It’s a good collaboration too. It keeps you on your toes. I was trying to guide the story to something a little bit darker, where my instincts wanted to take it, and she was politely, very sweetly reminding me I was aiming it that way and brought it back. We had a good run at it and took a break. We’ve got to get back to it.

I love the way Anderson talks about his daughter like she’s his fully-grown adult colleague who’s giving him advice about where to drive a narrative. Though, children are way more imaginative than adults. Maybe this will end up like a World of Tomorrow thing, a collaboration between a filmmaker and the story beats his child co-writer provides for him.

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