It’s true that superhero films are more prevalent now than 20 years ago, and thanks to Marvel Studios’ excellent work, they’re garnering more respect for the genre. But not everyone feels that way: some critics have bemoaned the current film landscape, heavily criticizing the abundance of superhero-driven films. You can now officially add ‘Inherent Vice’ director Paul Thomas Anderson to the list of people who love superhero movies, and he’s got some opinions to share about it.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone (which you should read in full when you have a chance), Anderson was asked how he feels about the state of American filmmaking today—in particular, the abundance of superhero films:

Rolling Stone: What do you think of the state of movies today? Do you feel like the complaints about American filmmaking being nothing but superhero movies…


Anderson: Ah, that’s such a fucking crock of shit. I can’t remember a year in recent memory where there were less complaints about the quality of movies. And what’s wrong with superhero movies, you know? I don’t know. You’re talking to someone that enjoys watching those films. People need to get a life if they’re having that discussion [laughs]. Those movies get a bad rap.

“Those movies get a bad rap” is a pretty cute response, first of all, like he’s talking about a rowdy and endearing little orphan child. But he’s also right: we live in a time when there are so, so many great films, many of which aren’t even put in the spotlight during awards season, leaving many members of the general public oblivious to their existence. And even if you don’t particularly enjoy superhero films, what’s wrong with other people enjoying them? There are so many fantastic films out there, so why zero in on one genre that you don’t really like? I don’t really like most (MOST) modern action films, but I don’t make a fuss about it as if the genre is a plague on the contemporary cinematic landscape.

But it’s also just cool to know that P.T. Anderson, who’s made some of the greatest films in history, really enjoys kicking back with the Avengers.