What, you thought CBS was done with 'LOST' reunions after recruiting John Locke himself, Terry O'Quinn for a multi-episode arc alongside Daniel Dae Kim in procedural 'Hawaii Five-0?'  Think again!  The network will once again stoke the 'LOST' fires with arguably one of its its most recognizable actors, pairing 'Person of Interest's Michael Emerson with former Island guest star Ken Leung.  Who else is on deck for the second season?

Thanks to TVLine, we've now learned that CBS sophomore hit 'Person of Interest' will be staging something of a 'LOST' reunion of its own by pairing former series stars Michael Emerson and Ken Leung, previously known to play Benjamin Linus and Miles Straume, respectively.  Leung's appearance in the September 27 premiere will mark the third time the duo has worked together, prior to 'LOST' appearing in the first 'Saw' film together.

Lueng isn't the only familiar face joining 'Person of Interest' season 2 however, as Emmy-winning former 'Justified' actress Margo Martindale will also guest on the series beginning with the season's second episode.  Unfortunately, details of neither character have been made available, but hey, 'LOST' and 'Justified!'  Always worth our attention.

What say you?  Did you catch the first season of 'Person of Interest?'  Do the new guest stars have you apt to keep your interest on 'Person of Interest' season 2?  Sound off in the comments below!