We're certainly not kidding when we say that this is an extensive look inside production of 'The Hobbit.' Why? Because the video is nearly fifteen minutes long. But if you're a 'Lord of the Rings' fan, a 'Hobbit' fan or just a fantasy fan in general, you'll want to see this in-depth how things work on set. It's not just Peter Jackson putting everything together on his own. It takes a marvelous and talented team in order to do so.

Every major position behind the camera is explained here, from production coordinators to those working in the props department. Each one of them shows you what kind of role they have on the film and how that effects either the look of an actor on set or the crisp sound you hear in theaters. Believe us, there's a lot of work that goes into making a big-budget motion picture and it's about time someone laid it out for those who are a bit curious on how these films are put together.

Each of those sections in the video are delightful to see, especially when you occasionally run into an actor like Martin Freeman being spun around in a barrel. But do you know who's the celebrity who's filming the entire featurette? You'll have to wait and see until the end to find out, but it is great when you do.

'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' arrives in theaters this December 14th with the concluding sequel, 'There And Back Again,' out on December 13, 2013.