Aca-what? Pitch Perfect was an unexpected delight, and enough of a hit to warrant the upcoming sequel. That film will arrive in theaters in May along with a couple of other major releases to help ring in the summer movie season. But before we even get to that, Universal already has plans for a third Pitch Perfect, and you can bet your butts that Rebel Wilson is returning for it.

L.A. Times reporter Amy Kaufman spoke with Wilson, who confirmed that Universal is developing Pitch Perfect 3, and she’ll be back (although she isn’t sure about anyone else yet):

Hailee Steinfeld joined the cast for Pitch Perfect 2, and it’s been reported that Universal’s plan is for her to take Anna Kendrick’s place as the group leader moving forward in the franchise. With a third film now officially in the works, it seems like that could very well be the case. Without having seen Pitch Perfect 2, it’s impossible to say exactly where they’re headed with the series just yet.

Pitch Perfect is such an unlikely franchise choice, but that’s part of the charm — similar to 21 Jump Street, it’s a film everyone was hesitant about at the outset. Not only was it difficult to imagine that these films could be so funny and smart and entertaining, but the idea that we’d leave the theater wanting sequels seemed silly.

Pitch Perfect 2 arrives on May 15.