The last time Amy Poehler was featured in a sports-themed comedy, we got Blades of Glory, a sometimes overlooked comedic gem. This time, Poehler is taking on a more mainstream sport with a new, untitled basketball comedy alongside her Sisters co-star, The Mindy Project’s Ike Barinholtz.

THR reports that Poehler will star in and produce the new sports comedy, based on a script by Barinholtz and his writing partner David Stassen. Barinholtz also wrote the upcoming Dwayne Johnson-Kevin Hart comedy Central Intelligence, and is a staff writer and co-star on The Mindy Project, which recently moved to Hulu for its fourth season.

In the new film, Poehler plays a basketball coach who has fallen from her former glory days and is recruited by the hesitant board members of the NBA to coach a team — making her “the first.” Barinholtz will co-star in an unspecified role.

The pair appear together in Sisters, the upcoming comedy which re-teams Poehler with her former SNL and Baby Mama co-star (and her real-life best friend) Tina Fey. Barinholtz plays Poehler’s love interest in that film, and the latest trailer gave us a hilarious sneak peek at some of their bedroom shenanigans (it involves a music box in a very uncomfortable place).