Nintendo dropped some Poke-bombs, announcing a new Pokemon type, the release date, a new feature, and brand new Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y.

In the Nintendo Direct, it was announced that a brand new type, called Fairy-type, will be introduced in X and Y. And, surprisingly, these Fairy-type Pokemon will be super effective against Dragon-types. The new Eeevee evolution, Sylveon, falls under this new type and can use a move called Moonblast. This skill calls upon the power of the moon to attack opponents and lower their Attack stat.

Other new Pokemon were announced today, such as a Bug/Flying-type named Vivillon (pictured below), and a Flying/Dragon-type named Noivern (pictured above).

A new feature, called Pokemon-Amie, will let you interact with your Pokemon through the magic of your touch screen. You'll be able to pet the members of your Pokemon team and strengthen your bond, which will be beneficial in battles. Big Pokemon will even take up both screens!

Finally, the release date for the games has been announced, which is set on Oct. 12. Will you be grabbing these games to get a team full of fairies and then pet them? Let us know in the comments below!