The second gameplay trailer for Pokemon X and Y has surfaced, courtesy of the E3 2013 Nintendo Direct. We get to see the newly-announced Pokemon in action, as well as the Pokemon-Amie feature that lets you get up close and personal with your Pokemon.

Some of the new Pokemons' moves, like Slyveon's Moonblast and Vivillon's Struggle Bug, are on full display in this video. We're shown how dynamic fights will look in the game, swinging around the action with different camera angles and shots.

The Fairy-type Pokemon make their appearances, giving Dragon-type Pokemon something to fear. Who would've thought that fairies could take down dragons?

And finally, we get a look at the Pokemon-Amie feature. You'll be able to pet, feed, and play with your Poke-pals in order to become chummier with them. As you'll see, you can even play a game of Monkey See, Monkey Do with your little buds. Ain't that adorable?

Watch the trailer above and let us know your thoughts on the new features and Pokemon. The games will be on store shelves worldwide on Oct. 12.