Yesterday, we were briefly excited by the rumor that Matt Damon had entered negotiations with Universal to reprise his most famous character, Jason Bourne. This was quickly shot down by sources at the studio, and we all sighed with displeasure. Another 'Bourne' film is moving forward with Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross character, but our question for you is: Do you want to see another 'Bourne' movie if Matt Damon isn't in it?

This question is not meant as a smack in Renner's face. 'The Bourne Legacy' was an acceptable diversion, sure, but it unquestionably lacked the intensity and fun of the Damon films. The global audience clearly wasn't taken with this sequel, as evidenced by its unexceptional $276 million take at the worldwide box office. (Compare this with $442 million for 'The Bourne Ultimatum.')

It may be unfair to contrast 'The Bourne Legacy' with the original 'Bourne' trilogy, but there's no getting around the fact that when it comes to this franchise, people want Jason Bourne front and center. The studio may well give the Aaron Cross character another go, but there's little evidence to suggest that the public is willing to do the same.

So we ask you: are you interested in a 'Bourne' movie without Matt Damon? Vote in our poll and comment below!

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