This new poster for Andrew Neel's 'King Kelly' appears to be tailor made for the American Apparel-wearing, iPhone-toting generation of self-proclaimed "social media wizards." And that's sort of the point.

Neel has previously premiered two documentaries at SXSW -- the LARP doc 'Darkon' and the conspiracy theorist exploration piece 'New World Order' -- but this is his first narrative feature. 'King Kelly' follows Kelly, a webcam stripper who must deliver a trunk full of illegal drugs and cash, but runs into trouble when her ex takes off with the stash. Joined by her best friend and with the aid of one of her online admirers who also happens to be a state trooper, Kelly embarks on a journey of sex, drugs, and shenanigans.

But what makes 'King Kelly' special is Neel's use of iPhones to film the entire movie, which should, like, totally resonate with our generation, or you know, whatever. The poster has debuted over at The Playlist and it's adequately tantalizing, you know, if you're into that sort of thing, or if not it's cool -- there's some hilarious cat gifs we can show you instead.