It’s about to be Morphin Time once again. After Lionsgate revamped the teenage superheroes of the small screen in last year’s Power Rangers reboot, now Hasbro is setting its sights on a sequel. With a property full of so many ridiculous monsters, another Power Rangers movie is pretty understandable – who could ignore the opportunity to bring Chunky Chicken, Pumpkin Rapper, or Eye Guy to the big screen (all very real characters, by the way).

Earlier this year, Hasbro acquired the Power Rangers from Saban Entertainment, so we knew more Mighty Morphin action was on the table. Now a new report from licensing trade group LIMA (h/t reveals Hasbro is developing a new Power Rangers film that will be a follow-up to last year’s movie. The report notes original creator and producer Haim Saban will be involved in the project as a creative consultant, and that the franchise’s transition to Hasbro will be “relatively seamless.”

If Power Rangers fans were hoping the teen heroes would get a new makeover, that may not be the case if Hasbro plans to stay true to the 2017 film. After all, the new Rangers suits and zords look a lot like Transformers and Hasbro owns Transformers, so I doubt much will change (unfortunately). Luckily last year’s Power Rangers movie wasn’t all that bad; it was actually a nice surprise I enjoyed more than expected. If the sequel can lean into the original series’ camp a little more, actually make its queer character more explicitly queer, and give them another worthy villain to fight, Power Rangers 2 could be pretty good.

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