Skulls was supposed to be a super-secret production, not unlike 10 Cloverfield Lane, which was shot under the code name Valencia and only revealed as a spinoff from Cloverfield only about two months before the film’s release. (It is perhaps not a coincidence that both movies were directed by the same man, Dan Trachtenberg.) In this case, Skulls is a prequel to the Predator franchise, and it was quietly developed behind-the-scenes for years before word of the production — and the fact that it was a Predator movie set hundreds of years before the previous films, and serves as an origin story for the infamous alien hunters’ time on Earth  — leaked out last November.

With the cat out of the bag, there’s no harm in revealing this: The film — which has been filmed under the title Skulls, although that name could definitely change, the same way Valencia eventually became 10 Cloverfield Lane — has officially wrapped production. That news was announced in an Instagram post by cinematographer Jeff Cutter, who also happened to work with Skulls director Dan Trachtenberg on the aforementioned 10 Cloverfield Lane, along with other movies like Orphan, and Office Christmas Party.

“And that’s a wrap on Skulls!” Cutter wrote. “Can’t thank @dannytrs enough for inviting me along on this epic journey and entrusting me to help achieve his vision for this film! Thanks to a great cast led by @ambermidthunder, @dakota_beavers and @dd and much love to a brave Calgary crew for diving headfirst in with us! #skulls #predator”

The stars of Skulls he mentioned in his post are Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers and Dane DiLiegro.

Skulls will be the fifth film in the main Predator franchise, following 1987’s Predator, 1990’s Predator 2, 2010’s Predators, and 2018’s The Predator. (There are also two Alien vs. Predator movies as well.) Skulls does not yet have an official release date.

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