Insane The Price Is Right video, come on down!

This is epic. If you have watched The Price Is Right in your life (and if you were born in this country between the years of 1975 and 2010, you have) you know the Showcase Showdown, where the three contestants from each half of the classic CBS game show battle it out to see who goes on to the Showcase to win fabulous prizes and stand in the vicinity of Bob Barker (and currently Drew Carey). The winner is determined by a couple spins of a giant wheel, where the object is to get as close to one dollar without going over. If you hit one dollar, you win big bucks. You also get a bonus spin, and can then win bigger big bucks. (Luckily, on The Price Is Right, there are no Whammys to try to steal your big bucks.)

It is not uncommon for someone to hit $1.00 on The Price Is Right. But this video (which conveniently was from Drew Carey’s 10th anniversary episode as the show’s host) features what seems like an impossible string of good luck. All three contestants in the Showcase Showdown hit a buck, and then two of them hit it again. The show gave away $80,000 in this one segment alone. I hope they’re insured for something like this.

The odds of this happening (and on a very special episode, no less) are so slim they are almost unfathomable. But I guess they can happen, and here is the proof.

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