It's going to take a serious miracle for ABC to opt for any additional episodes of the 'Grey's Anatomy' spin-off 'Private Practice' after its upcoming fall run. Not only did series boss Shonda Rhimes opt not to renew the contract of male lead Tim Daly, but now series anchor Kate Walsh herself is about to exit. Is there any hope for a renewal?

The show hasn't formally been cancelled, but things certainly aren't looking good for its future. The 'Grey's' spin-off is confirmed for a 13-episode sixth season to air this fall, but with the amount of creative talent dropping out from behind the scenes, a formal end seems all but a certainty.

Speaking on the relatively new talk show 'Bethenny,' Walsh confirmed the recent rumor of her departure by saying:

This is my last season of 'Private Practice.' It’s been an incredible journey and an amazing ride, and I feel incredibly grateful to [series creator] Shonda Rhimes and all the fans that have been there from day one ’til now.

I’m really excited about the last season. I am. It’s bittersweet... a huge chapter of my life.

While Walsh will appear in the seemingly final season, her series-long co-star Daly won't be, as we earlier reported.

It's possible that Shonda Rhimes is looking to cut costs, or simply move away from 'Private Practice' in order to focus on strengthening 'Grey's Anatomy' and developing the network's new hit 'Scandal' for season 2. Of course, there's always the possibility that 'Private Practice' could find a way to continue on without Kate Walsh, but the prognosis isn't good.

What say you? Are you sad to hear Walsh confirm her exit, or are you at least glad to have Addison Montgomery back for the next batch of episodes? Give us your take in the comments!