Well, this is an unexpected turn! No, former 'Angel' star and current 'Bones' lead David Boreanaz hasn't decided to leave the long-running FOX series behind, but rather the angelic star has signed on with a host of others for DirecTV's trippy new Neil LaBute series 'Full Circle.' Also starring Minka Kelly, Kate Walsh, 'Harry Potter's' Tom Felton and more, the 10-episode series takes on a rather unique format you'll need to read for yourself inside!

See if you can stay with us through this one, but DirecTV has officially announced development on the upcoming Neil LaBute drama 'Full Circle,' which features a diverse cast including 'Bones's' David Boreanaz, 'Private Practice's' Kate Walsh, 'Harry Potter's' Tom Felton, 'The Killing's' Billy Campbell, 'Friday Night Lights'' Minka Kelly, 'Nip/Tuck's' Julian McMahon, 'Akeelah and the Bee's' Keke Palmer, Devon Gearhart, Noah Silver ('The Borgias'), Ally Sheedy ('Psych'), Cheyenne Jackson ('Behind the Candelabra') and Robin Weigert ('Sons of Anarchy').

Each episode of the drama takes place in a restaurant featuring a conversation between two characters, with one of the character's storylines carrying over into the next episode through a discussion with a new character. That next character would then be featured in the following episode, and so on and so forth. Boreanaz will play a famous comic known for his outlandish behavior, represented by McMahon's attorney character, while Felton and Kelly portray an exchange student and his love interest.

'Full Circle' arrives from executive producer/director Nick Hamm, as part of Chris Weil's Momentum Entertainment. LaBute will write and co-executive produce, while the drama itself will premiere in the fall.

What say you? Does 'Full Circle' sound too trippy to wrap your head around?

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