Love it or hate it (hate seems to be the only valid response), 'Project X' did incredibly well in theaters -- so well, in fact, that according to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has commissioned a sequel from screenwriter Michael Bacall.

Bacall, also known as everyone's current favorite punching bag (Todd Phillips must be so relieved), is currently writing a treatment for a possible sequel. Along with Matt Drake, Bacall co-wrote 'Project X,' but seems to be the one taking the most brutal lashings in the press, since he also co-scripted more responsible, endearing comedies like 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' and the upcoming '21 Jump Street.'

'Project X' followed three friends who throw the biggest party ever, featuring all the underage drinking, drugging, and dirty dancing Nancy Reagan warned us about after all that Grand Theft Auto and NWA.

It's too early for any further details, but we're guessing the 'Project X' sequel will really flesh out the details with the main characters from the first film, providing legitimate nuance and pathos and -- Screw it. Where my bros at? It's time for more boobze! That's when you combine boobs and booze. Word.