'Prometheus 2' is going to happen. Despite a lukewarm critical reception, the film performed well enough (over $300 million worldwide) to warrant a sequel. And now we have some details on when we can expect 'Prometheus 2' and who will be returning.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox is currently planning on 'Prometheus 2' hitting theaters in either late 2014 or summer 2015. They, along with director Ridley Scott, are "actively pushing" development of a sequel.

But one person they may not be pushing along with is writer/producer Damon Lindelof. The 'LOST' creator was widely criticized for the film's many plot holes and THR states he "might not be available" to return (which really means, he's sick of the s--- he got for writing the first script and is moving on to greener pastures).

If Lindelof isn't returning, there are two people who will return. Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender will both be back for 'Prometheus 2' and that shouldn't be all that surprising if you saw the original.

Said a Fox executive about the planning of 'Prometheus 2':

Ridley is incredibly excited about the movie, but we have to get it right. We can't rush it.

This much is true but Ridley Scott also has a tendency to lose interest in projects and with a busy schedule (hey, he's busy with a reboot/prequel/sequel of another of his sci-fi classics 'Blade Runner'), they better strike while the iron is hot if they want to make a 'Prometheus 2' a reality.