Ever since the end credits started rolling on 'Prometheus' we began to wonder if and when we'd finally get some answers. The 'Prometheus' DVD and Blu-ray hit stores this October and we've got a listing of the new deleted scenes that will be on the discs. What are they and what will they tell us about 'Prometheus?'

Though the deleted scenes haven't formally been announced yet, Bleeding Cool found a list of the scenes on the British Board of Film Classification web site.

- "Arrival of the Engineers"
- "T'is the Season"
- "Our First Alien"
- "Skin"
- "We're Not Alone Anymore"
- "Strange Bedfellows"
- "Holloway Hungover"
- "David's Objective"
- "Janek Fills Vickers In"
- "A King Has His Reign"
- "Fifield Attacks"
- "The Engineer Speaks"
- "Final Battle"
- "Paradise"

All of these are listed as "deleted scenes" but some of them may be better described as "extended scenes" (as you know, we see Fifield attack in the film).

It's unclear exactly what mysteries (if any) these deleted scenes will solve, but it does seem like some of them will at least address some of the bigger questions. Like, "What did the Engineer say to Weyland?" and "How does Holloway cure a hangover?" OK, no one is asking that last question, but if you're asking, the best cure is fruit punch Gatorade and two Aleve.

There is no official date set on the 'Prometheus' DVD and Blu-ray but stay tuned for more as Fox announces more details.