Ridley Scott is infamous for his inevitable director's cuts, but according to the info for the upcoming 'Prometheus' DVD and Blu-ray release, we'll merely be getting some alternate and deleted scenes, but no extended cut.

Will this be enough to explain what everyone drank on that ship to inspire such horrible decisions? (Our guess: Four Loko.)

According to an Amazon page for a French release of "Evolution: From 'Alien' to 'Prometheus,'" here's what we can expect in terms of extras:

  • 15 Minutes of Deleted or Alternate Scenes
  • Ridley Scott Audio Commentary
  • First and Final Draft of the Script in Text Document
  • Four Viral Videos Including Peter Weyland’s Full Ted Talk
  • Ridley Scott’s Sketches
  • Noomi Rapace’s Screen Tests
  • 9 Featurettes Comprising 120 Minutes of Behind-the-Scenes Looks at the Creatures, Story, Visual Effects, and More

That set will include a staggering nine discs, with every film in the 'Alien' franchise, extras, and 'Prometheus.' For those of you that already own the beautiful 'Alien' anthology set, we're not sure picking up this nine disc set will be worth the cost, unless you're just that obsessive compulsive.

This isn't an official listing, so some of the information may be slightly off, and there's no details as of yet on audio commentaries, which we'd have to assume would be included in this release.

Most interesting, perhaps, is the first and final drafts of the script. The first draft was written by John Spaihts ('The Darkest Hour') before 'Lost' scribe Damon Lindelof was brought aboard for rewrites. It's been hotly debated whether Lindelof or Spaihts (or even Ridley Scott himself) is more to blame for some of the film's more glaring problems, like scientists trying to pet a scary vagina snake alien, David's unclear motives, or the lack of answers to any number of questions the film raises throughout its run time (and there are many).

Regardless, being able to read and compare the two scripts could be an interesting little eye-opener. We'll find out later this year when 'Prometheus' hits DVD and Blu-ray.