Leading up to the premiere of Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus,' it seemed like a new clip or featurette was being released every day. We thought we were done. We thought it was over. We thought wrong. Here's yet another new clip from 'Prometheus' to prepare you for the DVD and Blu-ray release in October.

In this brief clip that runs just under a minute, we get a look at Idris Elba's Captain Janek character as he's poked and prodded and has monitoring sensors attached to his body. He's asked personal medical questions, and he turns to different angles. As The Playlist notes, it looks sort of like a costume test that was repurposed for a small character featurette, indicating we might see more of these character featurettes on the home video release.

'Prometheus' was one of the summer's biggest releases, but remains highly divisive, thanks to the many mysteries audiences felt remained unexplained. We didn't think it was that enigmatic, but maybe 'Lost' just spoiled everyone forever. The viral campaign leading up to the film, while a bit exhaustive, was fun at times, but maybe we're just saying that now because we don't have to show you new clips every day.

The film hits DVD and Blu-ray on October 11 (and will hit VOD on September 18th), and we're hoping to see more extended footage, alternate sequences, and maybe even some deleted scenes. We wouldn't mind three hours of Michael Fassbender's David, to be honest.