The photo above is taken from the prologue of 'Prometheus,' in which one of the extraterrestrial Engineers sacrifices himself in order to allow his DNA to plant the seeds of life on Earth. But we bet you didn't know that someone is standing right behind him -- someone not seen in the finished film.

Even before 'Prometheus' was released, rumors about a director's cut by Ridley Scott and deleted footage began floating around the Intertubes. Now that the movie is out, fans are even hungrier for such material to help explain the movie's mysteries (God knows we could use the help).

Prometheus Forum has uncovered one such goodie in the photo below, which shows an alien referred to as an "Elder Engineer" standing behind the Engineer we already know, just before the latter drinks his lethal drink and allows his genetic material to unravel in the waters of Earth (the site also has a batch of interesting behind-the-scenes and on-set pictures of the actors transforming into aliens).

Played by Matthew Rook, the "Elder Engineer" is definitely not seen in the theatrical version of the movie. Is he there as some sort of priest to give spiritual and moral strength to the Engineer who's about to sacrifice his own life? Or is he on hand to give the guy a good, solid push just in case he starts to chicken out?

Hopefully we'll get those answers on the 'Prometheus' Blu-ray -- that is, if a version of the scene featuring the "Elder Engineer" makes it to the disc. Until then, chalk this photo up as yet another of the many elements of the film that Scott and screenwriter Damon Lindelof prefer to leave as an least until the sequel gets greenlit.

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