When we last left Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus,' the film had grossed a weak $126 million domestically but a slightly more promising $400 million worldwide. Those numbers didn't suggest that a sequel was going to be coming any time soon, while writer Damon Lindelof announced he wouldn't be involved with the follow up, which suggested that a sequel was never going to happen. But there's hope for a sequel yet as star Noomi Rapace has reported that the script is being worked on right now.

Rapace spoke to The Playlist as part of the publicity for 'Dead Man Down' and told them she met with Scott a couple weeks ago, but the problem they're running into is coming up with the right idea for the follow up. As she said " we need to find the right story. I hope we will."

'Prometheus' has a listed production budget of $130 million, which -- if we go by the standard math of 2x production cost -- makes the film is a success. But with a film of that scale, and a summer release date, it's quite possible that the reported budget is a lie, and that the studio spent over a hundred million to market the film. It's also possible that home video sales were exceptionally strong, and that has led 20th Century Fox to consider moving forward with more. At this point -- if they're willing to make a sequel to 'Tron: Legacy' -- anything that makes nearly half a billion, regardless of how much it cost, will probably be considered sequel fodder.

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