Sir Ridley Scott’s films aren’t known for their soundtracks, but when the score stands out, it’s usually because Scott chose to collaborate with Marc Streitenfeld. ‘American Gangster,’ ‘Matchstick Men’ and ‘Gladiator’ are a few of their most-memorable recent efforts, and it sounds like they have another winner for ‘Prometheus.’

You can preview all 25 tracks from the ‘Prometheus’ soundtrack on Apple’s iTunes site (click here), and pick up a copy of the album for $11.99. The titles of the individual tracks give a few vague clues on what we might be able to expect from Scott’s sci-fi thriller, which many believe will end up being a prequel to his seminal ‘Alien.’

The tracks also tease the gravity (no pun intended) of Scott’s pending work. I can’t wait until we can match images to tunes like “Infected,” “Space Jockey” and “We Were Right” (which actually was penned by Harry Gregson-Williams). For now, it’s all music … and it’s ominous.

Check out the soundtrack. I’m not putting all the titles here because you might not want them revealed. But if you’d like eerie mood music to work by today, ‘Prometheus’ has you covered.