A new trailer for the Ridley Scott helmed 'Prometheus' is online and it effortlessly paints the film as the blockbuster to beat this summer. It also makes it pretty clear that most definitely takes place in the 'Alien' universe, even if it's not necessarily a full-on 'Alien' prequel. We took an in-depth look at the new trailer and have broken it down, scene-by-scene...

There are two things immediately taken away from the new trailer for 'Prometheus'. First, the film looks huge and not necessarily in expense (although it looks plenty expensive). It looks like it has a cosmic, sweeping scale, the likes of which isn't too common in most modern science fiction films, which tends to be earthbound. Secondly, the film looks terrifying, seemingly showcasing the same combination of scares and sci-fi that made the original 'Alien' one of the greatest genre films of all time. How long has it been since we've seen a big budget summer blockbuster that was also a horror film? Too long.

You can watch the trailer embedded below and we've also done you the kindness of going through the trailer with a fine toothed comb and picking some of the most intriguing images. If you don't want to go in as fresh as possible, do yourself a favor and stop scrolling. If you want to toss around speculation as to what the heck is going on in every frame of this thing...well, what are you waiting for?

And now, onto the potential spoilers! You've been warned!

Hmm...what exactly are we seeing here? Some sort of strange infection, traveling through the body of an unknown character? Whatever it is, it looks nasty.

One thing this trailer does exceptionally well is sell 'Prometheus' as a big movie. It's been a long time since we've seen a horror movie on a scale this large.

Ah, here's our titular spacecraft. Those three thrusters definitely fit the aesthetic seen in the 'Alien' universe.

Is this a stasis pod, redesigned post-iPod? It sure looks like it. That's Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), probably sleeping through an extended space voyage.

Here's an even better shot of the Prometheus, landing on what we can all safely assume is LV-421. It doesn't look nearly as desolate as it will in later films. Perhaps something catastrophic will render it uninhabitable like we see in 'Alien'?

Here is Michael Fassbender, doing his usual job of making normal men feel terribly inadequate.

There are lot of vehicles on display in this trailer which means: 1. Plenty of potential merchandising opportunities! And 2. Plenty of vehicles to get into horrible wrecks, presumably.

We saw this room in a previous trailer. It should look very familiar to you...

We love the sci-fi tech on display here, particularly these nifty aerial scanning orbs.

There is something moving in that bowl...but what?

Here's Charlize Theron, doing her Charlize Theron thing. The trailer spends no time establishing characters, so we currently remain in the dark as to what she's doing onboard the 'Prometheus.'

Another angle in that familiar room. Someone is bound to make what can best be described as the "Kane error."

It wouldn't be an 'Alien' film without sticky residue!

What exactly is Fassbender examining here? The contents of one of those cylinders seen earlier, perhaps?

Remember when Ridley Scott told all of us that this was not, by any circumstances, an 'Alien' prequel?

I have no idea what's going on in this shot, but man, it sure looks pretty.

People springing for their lives, seen from the point of view of a personal camera of some sort. This definitely gave me an 'Aliens' vibe, oddly enough.

It wouldn't be an 'Alien' film unless our heroine became sweaty, terrified and distressed!

To repeat: this film looks huge!

Who is this guy? Is it just me or does his body vaguely resemble a Xenomorph? And what's he doing?

Well, he certainly doesn't look friendly.

Here's the Space Jockey chair, but where is the Space Jockey himself?

You really can't tell in the still, but something icky is attacking the person in this pod. Facehugger?

If it's frightening enough to scare Idris "Stringer Bell" Elba like this, then we can't imagine what it will do to a normal person's psyche.

Huh. More of that odd infection from the starting moments of the trailer...what is this?

This could be a huge spoiler by itself, so we're choosing to not speculate further.

Is this the storm that renders LV-421 uninhabitable? Maybe. Perhaps. We don't know.

Ah-ha! Here's the Space Jockey. Seeing him looking new and shiny is pretty disconcerting.

And that's it for baseless speculation! 'Prometheus' hits theaters on June 8.