It's still pending a rating, but there's been a question about 'Prometheus' since it was conceived. All the other 'Alien' films have been R rated, and - even though this isn't so much a prequel but an 'in-universal' film - would the scissor-happy Fox cut the film to get it a PG-13? Fox chairman Tom Rothman says no.

The question then becomes what the MPAA will do. There have been a number of films that have skirted getting R ratings since the system was invented. From 'Jaws' (the argument was that since the violence was shark attacks, it couldn't be influential) to 'The Hunger Games' we've seen a number of films that have gotten away with a lot under a less restrictive rating. And here if the violence in the film is more extra-terrestrial in nature, there is an argument to made that it's not harmful to minors - even if shocking.

The ratings board has mutated through time. In the 1970's and 80's there were films that featured nudity in PG films  (generally as long as it was non-sexual), a number of films that were once branded X that would probably get an R today, and many films that were once branded PG that might merit a PG-13 or an R. Ratings often have to do with the studio muscle behind it. Regardless, hearing Tom Rothman say they're not going to cut a frame makes us even more excited for 'Prometheus' (if that's possible). And now Rothman's on record, so check it out: