Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ didn’t dominate the weekend box office (losing the top slot to the animated ‘Madagascar 3’), but it certainly earned more than enough to justify a sequel that extends the intricate story started in this supposed ‘Alien’ prequel. The film raised a number of questions, several of which remain unanswered. But could we be getting some answers after a hint in the film's closing credits revealed a new viral site?

The question in question is why Scott chose to cast Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland if he only planned to cover him under less-than-impressive old-man makeup for a number of key sequences in the last third of the film. And though this has been hinted at in interviews, we’re now left to understand that Pearce filmed a lot of footage as younger Weyland, and this could play in to later ‘Prometheus’ stories.

Apparently said footage is also feeding more viral videos around the film, as a new one surfaced after ‘Prometheus’ opened and may stretch the viral promotional campaign through October, setting the stage for a possible direction of a ‘Prometheus’ sequel.

Are you still with us? OK, good.

In the credits of ‘Prometheus,’ the Web site www.whatis101112.com was plugged. It’s a reference to Oct. 11, 2012 (we think). Visit it, and you’ll find teases for German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s work "Thus Spoke Zarathustra," a four-part book analyzed by Movie Viral.com that "deals with ideas such as the ‘eternal recurrence of the same,’ the parable on the ‘death of God,’ and the ‘prophecy’ of the Übermensch, which were first introduced in The Gay Science."

So yeah, some light reading over the summer for ‘Prometheus’ fans who might want to decipher which direction Scott could head with a sequel. And it's time to wonder exactly what's going to happen on October 11th of this year. (The 'Prometheus' DVD and Blu-ray are scheduled to hit stores in October...)

UPDATE: The official Weyland Industries website has this listing for October 11, 2012 on their corporate timeline. Hmmm...

Weyland Corporation is recognized as a legal entity and corporation under United States law and receives their Certificate of Incorporation from the Companies House in the United Kingdom. Due to the combined value of Sir Peter Weyland’s various patents and patent-pendings, the company incorporates with a higher fair market valuation than any other company in history.

With the new site came a video clip similar to the TED Talk viral that teased ‘Prometheus.’ Basically, it’s clear that Scott isn’t ready to leave this world behind. But when he’ll be able to come back for a sequel remains to be seen. Until then, plug in to the latest viral video, and share your theories on a ‘Prometheus’ sequel with us below.