Noomi Rapace headlines "Quiet Eye," the latest viral video released in service of Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ as 20th Century Fox prepares fans for the film’s June 8 release. And like most of the marketing material surrounding Scott’s feature, it’s vague enough to enhance the mystery surrounding this film … which only makes us more intrigued.

Rapace introduces herself in the “classified” crew file as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, an archaeologist with an array of academic knowledge. But what is happening on that split screen? Who are all of those ladies, and how do they tie in to Shaw and the Prometheus mission?

Watch the clip below, which seems to establish how Rapace’s character got herself aboard Prometheus and sort of explains why she tries to get on the ship in the first place.

Still, there are countless mysteries that need to be answered by Scott’s epic, which is why we’re counting down the days until June 8. These clips help. But they also tease us just enough that we really wish we had a screening of ‘Prometheus’ on the calendar for, you know, this evening instead of weeks in the future.

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