It sounds like another major next-gen launch title, this time PlayStation 4 exclusive Driveclub, won't be arriving on time.

According to The Same Coin, an anonymous source tipped the news Driveclub was being delayed into 2014. Driveclub isn't just one of Sony's exclusive launch titles, it's also supposed to be given away for free digitally to PlayStation Plus subscribers on day one of the PS4's availability.

Kotaku did a little more research into the matter, and it too had sources claim Driveclub would not see release this year. While neither Sony nor developer Evolution Studios has made any announcements about Driveclub's availability, the game was pulled from a PS4 preview event this week due to "scheduling conflicts."

The news would probably not be as bad had Ubisoft not decided to delay Watch Dogs until spring 2014 earlier this week. With one major launch title, and supposedly one exclusive launch title, slated to miss their debuts, the next generation launch is off to an auspicious start.