Sadly, we may never learn the truth behind 'Alcatraz' and its mysteriously time-traveling inmates, given that FOX opted not to renew the series for a second season. But at the very least, one of its partially-sideline stars hasn't wasted any time in finding a new gig!

TVLine reports that (definitively) former 'Alcatraz' star Parminder Nagra has just landed a "major" role in the coming seventh season of USA's 'Psych,' currently in production. According to the report, this former 'ER' vet will play a recurring love interest for the notoriously single Gus (Dule Hill) named Rachel, a "beautiful and charming woman who Gus falls for."

Rachel makes the bachelor-iffic Gus contemplate commitment for a time, until "it is revealed that she has a secret that challenges his preparedness for a serious relationship." Poor Gus.

As mentioned, Parminder Nagra was most recently featured in JJ Abrams sci-fi procedural drama 'Alcatraz' as Dr. Lucy Banerjee (or, depending on the year, Sangupta), a criminal psychologist who herself had origins in the 1960 Alcatraz setting. Even though Nagra spent much of the season sidelined and relegated to flashback, FOX recently opted not to renew the ratings-challenged series along with 'Bones' spin-off 'The Finder,' instead granting a second season to Kiefer Sutherland's 'Touch.'

Nagra also spent six years on the NBC medical drama 'ER' as Dr. Neela Rasgotra, staying with the show until its 2009 ending. Anyone want to take bets on whether her 'Psych' character is a doctor too?

What say you? Are you excited for Gus to have a serious love interest for a change, or is it about time 'Psych' called it quits? Sling your arrows either way into the comments section below!