There are numerous reasons to be excited for Paul Thomas Anderson’s next project — it’s a new Paul Thomas Anderson movie, for one, but it’s also Daniel Day-Lewis’ first film role since 2012’s Lincoln. Legend has it, the meticulous method actor emerges from hibernation once every five years or so to quietly collect an Oscar before retreating to a hidden cottage in some obscure countryside, where he nestles into his sweaters and slumbers until he’s compelled to feed his ego once again.

Some new photos from Anderson’s latest film — a period drama set in the world of fashion — have emerged courtesy of Whitby Photography (via Cigarettes and Red Vines), offering several glimpses at Day-Lewis (in a magnificent coat, no less) & Co. on set in the village of Lythe in Yorkshire, England.


Filming recently commenced on the project, which centers on a fashion designer in 1950s London. Little else is known about the film, though Vulture has speculated that the designer in question might be Charles James, an eccentric real-life designer whose story seems like it’d be right up Anderson’s alley — and he does have a proclivity for loosely basing his characters on real people, like Dirk Diggler (John Holmes) the titular Master (L. Ron Hubbard) and Daniel Plainview (Edward L. Doheny).

Whitby Photography may have also uncovered the title for the film when they picked up on some production signage boasting the name Phantom Thread. That could be the working title, of course, as Focus Features has yet to reveal much in the way of official details.

For now, Anderson and Day-Lewis’ latest collaboration remains somewhat mysterious. At any rate, we know Daniel Day-Lewis is walking through graveyards and looking quite dapper, which is really all anyone needs to know. (That, and the film is aiming for a late 2017 release because duh.)

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