We’ve seen cats do almost everything in the movies. Fight evil witches, use human toilets, go on epic adventures, and become cryogenically frozen. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, you realize one essential movie was missing: Kevin Spacey as a talking cat.

In Nine Lives, Spacey plays a businessman who gets trapped in the body of a cat courtesy of some weird animal magic by Christopher Walken’s pet store owner. And since all switch-a-roo movies come with a lesson, this one is about Spacey learning the values of being a good father.

In honor of Nine Lives, we’re looking back on the best movie cats. I know “best” is a vague descriptor, but don’t worry, I took this endeavor incredibly seriously. (Trust me, I’m a cat person.) Without further ado, here’s a purrfect ranking of 20 of the best/cutest/coolest cats from the movies Warning: The following imagery may compel you to run to the animal shelter and adopt a litter of kittens. Proceed at your own risk.

20. Tonto, Harry and Tonto

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

Not only did Tonto get second billing, but he got to go on a cross-country journey with his owner, and wear a leash!

19. Puss in Boots, Shrek II and Puss In Boots


It’s Antonio Banderas as Zorro in cat form. What’s not to like?! He’s got a stylish hat, he can sword fight and dance.

18. Jake, The Cat From Outer Space

The title says it all. Jake, or Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7, is an alien cat who comes to Earth on a spaceship. And he can talk!

17. Marie, Berlioz & Toulouse, The Aristocats


Marie, Berlioz, Toulouse; they’re all so damn cute! Don’t make me pick one.

16. Sassy, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey


A cat voiced by Sally Field is a cat you can trust. She’s daring and courageous and she even rescues a kitty from a burning house in Homeward Bound 2.

15. Mrs. Norris, Harry Potter


While sneaking around Hogwarts at night, Harry, Hermione and Ron had to hide from a handful of creatures and characters, and Mrs. Norris was one of the them. Argus Filch’s cat was a lot like him, always grumpy and a little too curious.

14. Milo, The Adventures of Milo & Otis



13. Snowbell, Stuart Little


He’s a wise-cracking fluffy white cat voiced by Nathan Lane who befriends a mouse. Nuff said.

12. Oliver, Oliver & Company


It’s Oliver Twist with a cat twist! The story of a lost orphan kitten who joins a group of dogs to find someone to adopt him is a warm Disney classic.

11. Crookshanks, Harry Potter


Two words: magical cat. Could you really want anything else? (Sorry Hedwig.)

10. Blofeld’s cat, From Russia With Love


You can’t have Blofeld without Blofeld’s cat. We spend more time watching the cat get pet than actually seeing the bad guy himself. It makes you wonder, is the cat really the master villain? Either way, that cat sure gets a lot of love.

9. Mr. Bigglesworth, Austin Powers

I know, I know, Mr. Bigglesworth is a parody of Blofeld’s cat so how could I possibly rank him higher? But honestly that cat, who loses all its hair and has a hairless Mini Me version, is one of the funniest parts of the franchise. Don’t upset Mr. Bigglesworth.

8. Gadzookey, Listen Up Phillip


Every cat lover knows how essential those furry creatures can be, their healing powers bringing comfort in times of need. In Listen Up Philip, that’s what Gadzookey (played by Alex Ross Perry’s real cat Fluffy) is to Elizabeth Moss’s Ashley following a breakup. And we all need a cat after a breakup.

7. Jonesy, Alien


A giver of affection, hunter of rodents, and a friendly companion, everything you’d want from a cat when taking a long trip into space. That’s Jonesy, a Ginger tabby who’s also not afraid to hiss at an alien.

6. Mr. Jinx, Meet the Parents

Mr. Jinx, or “Jinxy” as Robert DeNiro’s Jack nicknames him, is pretty much the impetus of all the chaos and shenanigans of Meet the Parents. Remember: Never teach your cat how to flush the toilet.

5. Orangey, Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Holly Golightly’s cat is almost as iconic as the image of Audrey Hepburn eating a croissant in front of the Tiffany’s window. And Orangey, the real-life cat from the movie, is already pretty famous as the only cat to win two Patsy Awards (the animal Oscars).

4. Keanu, Keanu


Have you ever seen any living creature more adorable than this tiny little guy? No? Right answer.

3. Ulysses, Inside Llewyn Davis


The orange tabby cat (can you tell I have a bias towards orange cats yet?) in Inside Llewyn Davis is a charming, elusive element of the Coen brothers film. Weaving in and out of Llewyn’s journey, Ulysses is like a spiritual guide, lending both humor and wonder to the film.

2. The Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland


The mischievous Cheshire Cat is one of the most amusing characters in Alice and Wonderland. With his puzzling philosophical musings and charming but eerie grin, he’s surely the most iconic animated cat from the movies. He’s just not the one you’d ask for directions when you get lost.

1. Thackery Binx, Hocus Pocus


Black cats and witches, it just makes sense. Thackery Binx was a regular old colonial boy who got trapped in the body of a cat by the Sanderson sisters. The upside: He got to live forever, become Dani’s (Thora Birch) best friend, and witness a bunch of cool magic tricks. If I was a cat, I’d be Thackery Binx.

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