Oh, Texas. According to local news affiliate KHOU in Houston, Texas, thirteen kids were arrested for vandalizing a $500,000 vacant home. The damage included broken windows, doors torn off hinges, and busted sheetrock. And all this was inspired by a movie?

When asked what they were doing, the kids responded that they were staging an homage to the 'Citizen Kane' of teenage party flicks -- 'Project X.'

The mock-doc film (from Warner Bros. -- bros! This can't be a coincidence) features a trio of teenagers who throw the biggest party ever. Private investigator Mark Stephens said, "It was a copycat. They did everything that I saw in the movie," except for just about everything in the movie, like inciting a police intervention or drawing the ire of a drug dealer with a giant flamethrower. Also noticeably absent: Miles Teller and a lawn gnome full of ecstasy.

Parents: Please keep an eye on your damn kids, lest we prove Nancy Reagan a prophet.